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Frequently asked questions

Any updates to Supplier Profile must go through Ariba; Supplier administrator tab has been removed from the DOF Online portal (ADERP) and suppliers cannot modify details on ADERP anymore.

You will receive an email from Ariba highlighting the nature of ‘Additional / accurate Information’ required from you to complete the ‘Supplier Registration’

Post it’s Go Live on 21st April 2019, only Supplier Registration is currently functional in SAP Ariba. All other Sourcing & Procurement functionalities (such as tenders, invoices, POs etc.) are still operational in ADERP and have not been changed in any manner.

If you are not receiving emails from SAP Ariba, there are a few probable causes:

  1. The email addresses the emails are being sent to is incorrect.

  2. Your email notification settings are not configured properly.

  3. Your company's email server is blocking the emails from arriving

To view all FAQs and responses, please download and review the ‘Frequently Asked Questions'.


Need more help?

For further guidance or queries regarding ‘How to Register as a Supplier’, please contact the Help Desk at

Please access the below sources for general information about the registration process    

 • Registration Guide for 'Supplier with Abu Dhabi DED License’    

 • Registration Guide for 'Suppliers without Abu Dhabi DED License (Other Emirate, Foreign Suppliers, etc.)’