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The Tender Process

Frequently asked questions

A Purchase Requisition (PR) is a request to commitment to purchase goods/services/project with identified budget reserved. In case a contract exists, the PR results in a Purchase Order (PO). A “Sourcing Request” is a request to initiate Source to Contract process for the required goods/services/project. Sourcing request may be created from a PR (in case the required contract does not exist) or from identified initiatives in the Procurement Plan.


In SAP Ariba, “Sourcing Projects” can be of following types:

“Full Sourcing Project” is used where one or multiple Sourcing Events are required (e.g., RFP followed by an RFI) or in case of Public Tenders. A “Full Sourcing Project” can contain multiple Sourcing Events (RFI, RFP, RFQ, eAuction) and is a preferred choice for high value, strategic sourcing initiatives.

“Quick Sourcing Project” is used for non-strategic sourcing initiative where a single Sourcing event will suffice. A “Quick Sourcing Project” can only have one Sourcing event (RFI, RFQ, RFP, eAuction).

Following are the Sourcing Events enabled in "SAP Ariba Sourcing module":


Request for Information (RFI)

Used for gathering information or budget estimates from a broad base of potential suppliers Facilitates preparation of the RFP or the RFQ, developing strategy, shortlisting suppliers, or building a database

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Used for seeking proposals from Suppliers

Best suited for situations where the End-user know what they want to achieve and rely on Suppliers to propose the solution

Relies on the experience and creativity of Suppliers to define the best solution

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Used for seeking pricing information for a defined scope of work or supply of specified goods/services

Reverse Auctions (or Auctions)

Used as an alternative to the RFQ for highly commoditized goods/services or where participating suppliers have fully acknowledged specifications.

Conducted between several shortlisted suppliers to help achieve savings.

“SAP Ariba Discovery” is a B2B marketplace where Public Tenders published by Abu Dhabi Government will be listed. All suppliers can view the Public Tender posting. However, suppliers need to login using their Ariba Network account in order to respond. Suppliers can participate in Public Tenders, even though they are not registered by the central supplier registration team at the Department of Government Support.

In case of Limited Tenders, the “Project Owner” can add Bidder(s) available in the supplier database. When the “Project Owner” publishes an event, the system automatically sends invitation email to invited bidders.

In case of a Public Tender, the Sourcing Event will be posted on “SAP Ariba Discovery” and AL MAQTA’A portal and visible to all suppliers.

To view all FAQs and responses, please download and review the ‘Frequently Asked Questions'.


Need more help?

For further guidance or queries regarding ‘How to Register as a Supplier’, please contact the Help Desk at

Please access the below sources for general information about the registration process    

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